Foodie Love: Volume One 04.12.2011

Welcome to the first installment of Foodie Love!  Or, things I am loving in the kitchen right now.  I'm not hard to please, so when I'm cooking -- or loitering -- in the kitchen, happiness is always nearby.  Let's get started.

California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Immediate Thought:  Oh. My. God. I'm inhaling olives.

Strong Suit:  The aroma is incredible.  I've tried numerous brands of olive oil in varying price ranges, and the ones that smell as if you've stuck your head in an olive are my favorite.  I like California Olive Ranch especially for its strong flavor; I use the "Everyday" version, which is pictured to the left.  I use this for cooking, drizzling, and dipping.  On my extensive list of things to do:  bake a focaccia loaf and dip.

Cost:  You can get California Olive Ranch olive oils at your local grocery (mine is Giant) for under $15, and online in six-packs for even less.  

Sahale Snacks Sing Buri Cashews

Immediate Thought:  I think I might be eating a Thai salad.  

Strong Suit:  Sahale has a variety of nut snacks, but Sing Buri is my favorite.  It really is reminiscent of a Thai salad.  The cashews are mixed with dried pineapple, peanuts, lemongrass, and mild Chinese chili.  The dried pineapple is chewy, but this is only good.  So, so good.  This mixture also contains black and white sesame seeds, soy sauce, and sake.  Do I even need to go on about the merits of Sing Buri?

Cost:  $4.99 at Whole Foods for a 5 ounce bag; on sale at Lucky Vitamin; or $23.16 for a pack of six at the Sahale website.  

Whittard of Chelsea Assam Tea

Immediate Thought:  Jesus. Christ.  (An odd reaction from a Capitalist-Agnostic, but there it is.)  

Strong Suit:  Whittard of Chelsea's Assam tea is strong.  One round tea bag could easily make two cups of tea but I use one bag for one kick-ass cup.  That's right:  kick-ass.  

Cost:  Every March, Eric goes on a business trip to London and brings back six boxes for me, which last a long, long time since I also am a coffee drinker.  I could purchase this tea online, but it feels good to make it an annual event (that also comes with other presents).  You can get this tea online at Annie's Tea Time for $9.95 for a 40-tea bag box.  The updated design and quantity (50) can be found on the UK site.

The Tabbouleh Song

Immediate Thought:  I love tabbouleh and GoRemy is funny; therefore I love the Tabbouleh Song.

Strong Suit:  Really?  You have to ask?  Look at this guy.  I hope to run into Remy on the dance floor while The Tabbouleh Song is playing at an unusually loud volume.  He's got great moves, his alter egos are hilarious, and his sentiments about food deeply moving.  I also recommend his odes to Hummus and Falafel, and his song "Hey There, Khalilah".  I dare you to keep a straight face.

Cost:  Time.  I will not reveal to you how much time I've spent watching GoRemy's videos.  In addition to his declarations for Lebanese food, I urge you to watch his rail of the Washington, DC Metro, and a declaration of his capabilities.  It's simply inspirational.  


The next installment of Foodie Love will feature my favorite cutting board.  Calm down.  You're going to have to wait.