Rappahannock Oysters Co. 06.27.2014

Earlier this week, my friend April and I had lunch at Rappahannock Oysters Co. at Union Market in Northeast DC.  I'm not sure when I would have gotten around to discovering Union Market had April not suggested we go there.  

For one thing, it's out of the usual restaurant spheres I explore, which, let's face it, is unhealthy.  All spheres must be explored!  And second, had I ventured out on my own, I may have had second thoughts going through some sketchy neighborhoods.  But I went, I loved it, and I'll go again.  

Union Market houses a number eateries, fresh meat and fish vendors, and a drool-enducing kitchen supply store.   And if that wan't enough, there is a lot of free parking out front.  I know -- insanity!  The ceilings are high, and it's a white, clean, washed-up space.  If you work in the vicinity, it's a great getaway for an hour or so for lunch.

We were in the mood for crab cakes and sat at the bar of the Rappahannock Oysters Co.  We started with a white gazpacho soup.  I cannot emphasize how important it is for you to try the white gazpacho soup.  It's made of white grape, cucumber, and marcona almond.  The soup has a flour-like texture to it that is delightful for a cold soup.  

Next we moved on to a crab cake with remoulade on top of celery root slaw.  Really, really good.  The portion is massive and I suggest eating it slowly to savor with a beer or a light, white wine.  I had mine with a sparkling lemonade.  

There is a lot more to explore at Union Market and I think a Sunday field trip may be in order.  Go.  

In the mean time, here is a new feature on my blog posts for you to enjoy -- photos of my dining companions.  This is April.

Union Market
1309 5th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Metro: NoMA-Gallaudet U (Red Line)