I Do Like Them Apples, Thankyouverymuch! 02.15.2014

I know you  know this already, but it's cold.  And snowy.  Maybe you're in a warm place and can't relate or maybe you don't care, but I'm starting to feel as if the entire world is a snowy-cold-salt covered wonderland of inconvenience.  I know we'll get through this; the snow will melt, the sun will come out, the snow gear will be put away, but I would be remiss in not complaining just a little bit.  

Last weekend, I took  my daughter to her Sunday art class and another parent suggested we head over to the Bethesda Central Farm Market.  In the freezing cold.  Obviously I said yes.  

One of the vendors, Twin Springs Fruit Farm, had a large selection of apples (not organic) which were insanely juicy and sweet.  My favorite was the Pink Lady.  I couldn't stop picking up the sample pieces and bought some.  

A woman ahead of me in line bought a half bushel.  One bushel is 126 medium apples so you do the math.  (I had to look this up because I have never purchased a bushel of anything and probably never will.  Although, Eric, with his "I'm not afraid of making a pie from scratch" attitude, might.  Yes, I am afraid of making a pie from scratch.)

I also stopped by Zeke's Coffee for a cup of coffee (so so good) and Patisserie Poupon for a ham-and-cheese filled croissant (my weakness).  Next time at the market, I will tend to my other weakness, Rita's Crepes (banana and Nutella to be exact).

The market is closed this Sunday because of "weather" so you'll have to wait until next weekend to get some delicious apples.  Unless there is more weather.  Ugh.

Stay warm but also get out of the house.  Cabin fever is a serious affliction.  No support groups for that.

Bethesda Central Farm Market
7600 Arlington Road
(at Old Georgetown Road)
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Winter Hours:  Sundays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.