Minty March! 03.17.2012!  It's you say....minty?  Yes, it's mighty minty!

It's March here in the Eastern United States and the weather has been unusually warm -- this week we've had temperatures soaring to the 70s and 80s.  Shocking, yes, but I am so excited about what's happening in our garden.  

We're not big fruit-vegetable-herb gardeners, but we have mint, rosemary, and lavender.  The early-summer like temperatures have forced many plants to life, and the mint is no exception.  
New mint in March


One of my favorite mint-related foods is mint-and-coriander chutney.  I've never made this myself but boy is it delicious with all sorts of Indian food (samosas anyone?).  I also love taking about 10-20 mint leaves and steeping them in hot water -- voila! -- mint tea, a perfect after-dinner digestive.  I also learned a few years ago that mint is a natural remedy for headaches -- it works, I swear.  

If you're looking for a herb that will grow in abundance, plant some mint.  It will grow and spread each year, sometimes with the virility of bamboo.  We planted the mint three years ago under a silver maple tree that is more than 60 years old, and there is nothing better than garden-fresh mint leaves in your tea or mojito.

Here are some photos of the mint plant in our 
garden, sprouting unusually early in March.  Enjoy, and happy eating (and sipping)!
Our silver maple, mint growing at the base on the right.  That figure in the tree is a wooden statue we found in our garden (yes, found) of St. Francis of Assisi -- Patron saint of animals and the environment.  It fit perfectly in that nook in the tree and we've had it there for years.

Beautiful mint!

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