Holy Cow 02.18.2013

I think that's a perfectly fine headline for this piece on Indian whiskey -- yes?

And I know what you're thinking:  you had no idea I was a Scotch whiskey lady.  Well, I am, and getting increasingly selective.

My favorite Scotch is Glenrothes, which I now purchase every time there is a major weather incident that portends to knock out power in my neighborhood for more than 12 hours, especially during the colder months.  Sitting by the fire nursing a glass of Scotch for a few hours is a sane way to get through a blackout.

We had dinner yesterday with our friends Amal and Darcy, and Amal (who also appreciates Scotch) brought out Amrut fusion single malt whiskey which is produced and bottled in India by Amrut Distillers.  The subcontinent loves its Scotch whiskey and is the world's largest whiskey market.

And while I am increasingly selective, I love trying new whiskeys  -- single malts or blends.  But really mostly single malts.  Because of goodness.

Amrut fusion is intense:  from the first smell to the finish, there is no messing around.  I kept commenting that it was smoky -- in both scent and taste.  The first taste hits hard, but it gets smoother over time.  And by "time" I mean an hour or so for a teeny, tiny bit of Scotch.

My final verdict is that I enjoyed Amrut's fusion.  In a way, it is not surprising that I grew to appreciate Scotch:  the image of Indian men sitting around sipping Scotch whiskey is a part of my memory.  And I have thought it unfair that women (at least in my family) were not offered a glass. 

The last time Eric and I were in India, there were numerous occasions when we visited friends and relatives, and in more than one living room, Eric was offered a glass of whiskey, and I was not.  And I really could have used a glass.  

Anyone who comes into my living room can drink whatever he or she wants.


Amal purchased Amrut fusion at:

Paul's of Chevy Chase
5205 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015


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