Party Planning Tips: So You've Decided to Throw a Baby Shower 08.06.2013

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Have you ever been to a baby shower and thought, "When the hell can I leave?"  Or, "Why is everyone acting like an alien?"  I have.  Far too many times.  I have thrown two this year and have attended countless baby showers in my adult life.  I have many thoughts on how to entertain (Martha can't be the only expert around here) and am writing today about throwing an off-the-hook baby shower.  That's right:  Off. The. Hook.  

People are constantly getting knocked up so there is always opportunity to host and/or attend a baby shower.  But let's start by stating what we all kind of generally know:  baby showers suck.  They do.  This age old ritual of getting a woman ready for one of her biggest jobs has turned so cute I just can't stand it.  

And it only takes some simple steps to turn what could be a painful, boring event into a fun few hours for everyone involved.  In the first of my "how-to-entertain" posts, I have formulated questions you may have about throwing a baby shower, and I have answered them.  You are welcome.

What are my priorities for the baby shower?

Good question.  You have two priorities:

1.  The mother feels spoiled.
2.  Everyone in attendance is well-fed and has access to alcohol.

Should the baby shower be women-only or coed?

Entirely up to the mother.

I think shower games are a super-fun idea.  Which games should I plan?

You know who loves sitting through baby shower games?  No one.

I was thinking of putting out some cookies and tea sandwiches and a cake.  Do you think this is enough food for a baby shower?

No, it is not.  Make/order more than you will need.  Even if your shower is a cocktail party, make more food than people will eat.  And make sure you're not serving anything that the guest of honor cannot eat.  

I am concerned that the mother will feel alienated if I serve alcohol.  

First of all, you are going to be so attentive to her needs that it won't matter.  Second, because baby showers suck, people will be really happy that you served alcohol.  I promise.  And it's fun to have a signature drink.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, my brother contributed a case of Veuve Clicquot pink champagne to the shower.  Classy and awesome.  

Should the mother open the presents at the baby shower?

Up to her.  

How crazy do I need to go with decorations?

The location of the baby shower should look fabulous.  As with any party you are throwing for another human being, the honoree should feel honored that you paid such attention to details.  Flowers, balloons, etc. are great.  Go for it.  But no cute banner signs.

I've been to baby showers with favors for everyone attending...should I have favors?

No.  No one cares about favors.  Just have lots of yummy food and everyone will be happy.  I promise.

What should I do if my pregnant friend goes into labor at the baby shower?

Make sure she calls her OB and someone who has not been drinking at the shower has her en route to the hospital.  After she leaves, refill everyone's drinks, put on music, and start dancing.  Good vibes for a healthy delivery are in order.

I don't know some of the people that the mother has included on the guest list.  Should I have asked her to only invite people I know?  

Again, this is not about you.  It's about surrounding a pregnant woman with love.  Besides, don't you like meeting new people?

There are several people coming to the party who are not in relationships or don't have children and I think it might be a little tough for them to see this woman getting so much attention for something they don't have and really want.  How can I ease their pain?

You cannot.  There are always a band of people nursing thoughts of "When the hell is going to be MY turn?" and "Why can't I have the happiness this couple has?"  If someone starts whining, tell him or her to buck up.

What about the annoying people who have kids -- how can I keep them from acting like they know everything?

You cannot.  Experienced procreators are suddenly renowned parenting experts with sage advice and stories from the battlefield that are scary for new parents and should not be told.  But, much like the "awwwwwing" during gift opening, it's unavoidable.  People cannot help themselves.  They think they are doing you a favor by warning you about projectile diarrhea.  No one needs to know that in advance. 

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