Cronut 07.14.2014

No, this is not Chef Dominique Ansel's famous cronut (or disputed cronut if you think you invented it before he did), but it was deeply, deeply satisfying.  I was picking up some small palmiers at Breads Unlimited in Bethesda when I saw this robust-looking doughnut.  One of the bakers informed me it was cronut-esque:  a blend of croissant and doughnut made from fried croissant dough.

From the side, it is wickedly thick with layers of dough, laced with sugar.  A lot of sugar.  And no doubt some oil, possibly butter?  Lard?  Whatever.  I don't care.

While my daughter swooned over a massive chocolate chip muffin, I had a long, silent debate with myself about the cronut:  I could get it, cut it up into eight pieces; have one small piece, share another piece with Eric; save the other pieces for people who would come over to the house later.  That could work.  

Palmiers, chocolate chip muffin, and cronut in hand, my girl and I walked over to a coffee shop, where she gingerly pulled apart her muffin bite by bite.  I took one small bite of the cronut, which was flaky and sugary and just so good.  I took a few sips of my coffee and contemplated the remaining cronut, which was huge.  I worried that maybe it would be off by the time Eric finally got around to tasting it.  We had a busy day ahead of us and it was the final game of the World Cup (who eats during sporting events??).  What a waste.  

I slowly pulled apart each decadent piece of the cronut and ate all of it.  While sipping coffee.  And thinking about Eric.

I have no idea if Chef Ansel's cronut is better (I'm guessing it is), but if this is third -- or even fourth -- place for best cronut, I'll take it. I will not, however, stand in line for a cronut, which countless people have done in New York City.  I won't get involved in food crazes that involve waiting in any kind of line.  Life is short.  Keep moving.  You'll need to after you've eaten an entire cronut.

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