Before and After: Utensil Drawer 03.20.2012


I love taking pictures.  So when I came across a photography challenge by Australian blogger Fat Mum Slim, I couldn't resist.  She posts a list of topics for each day, and it's up to you to interpret that word/theme through photographs.  

I love the idea of having a fun, artistic assignment every day.  You take the photo and then share it via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., with the hashtag she's designated for the given month.  For March, it's #Marchphotoaday.  

Today -- March 20, 2012 -- the theme is "before and after".  The utensil drawer was a transformation I wanted.  Badly.  I've been meaning to clean it out since August.  Of last year.  2011.

As you can see from the picture on top, it was pretty embarrassing.  And now?  Not embarrassing.  When friends and family come to our house and ask where the utensil drawer is, "I don't know," will no longer be my response.

The after picture also represents how I want my kitchen -- well, okay, my whole life really -- to look.  It will never happen, but the dream is to have completely bare counter tops.  

And tomorrow's word/theme for the photo challenge?  "Delicious."  I accept the challenge.

Happy eating everyone!

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