A Clean Fridge 07.07.2012

I am basking in the glory of these photos, which represent a brief period when the inside of our fridge looked like my fantasy fridge.  Lots of water cooling, only a few condiments, and some wine and champagne.  What’s not to love about this besides the fact that we couldn’t survive on the contents for terribly long?  Well, at least not the children.

Eric cleaned the inside with a cleaning solution and wiped every square inch down with Clorox wipes.  I then set the fridge up with what we had left following the horrible storms last week.  When Eric went to the fridge later in the day, he said:  “What the hell is this?!”

For some strange reason his fantasy of the perfect fridge is vastly different than my fantasy.  Why he doesn’t see the beauty of row after row of water bottles, I’ll never figure out.

We’re on Day 3 of a very clean fridge and we’re maintaining the status.  No extraneous condiment jars that seem never to expire, no leftovers kept beyond Day 2, and everything is still in plain sight. 

Send me a picture of your fridge – clean or otherwise – and I’ll post a gallery.  With your photo, send your name as/if you would like to appear with the photo, where you live, and a brief description of what you think when you open your fridge every day.  You know, your hopes and dreams.  Send your photos to:  four4courses@gmail.com.

Happy snapping!

This lasted for a few hours but those were really blissful hours. 

Holy Ganges water, Batman!  My family has always kept a bottle of holy wanter
from the River Ganges in India.  It's sprinkled throughout the house on the day you move
in and kept in the fridge forever after.  Well, until you run out.

The freezer

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