Starting Over: Story of a Fridge 07.03.2012

What we were able to save.  Ready for a Clorox scrub-down!

I am trying to imagine the number of people emptying out refrigerators this week up and down the Mid-Atlantic United States.  The storms of this past weekend have left so many people (including us) without electricity, seeking relief, and dealing with the aftermath.  It’s a huge mess.  Thankfully we were away this weekend, but returned Monday to find major tree debris around our house (not on the house) and no power.  The heat is oppressive and trying to get back to any normalcy is exhausting.

One of our big tasks today was emptying the fridge.  It’s a sad prospect because as you throw out each item, you add up how much money you’re throwing away.  And then there are your hopes and dreams:  there was a gorgeous eggplant I was going to curry, two quarts of deep red strawberries that were going to be marinated and piled on top of sponge cake with fresh whipped cream (out went the pint of heavy cream) -- and so much more.  All gone.

Emptying out the freezer.  We found some things
at the bottom that had been long forgotten.
But in the midst of this throw-out, I felt happy:  there was space – lots of space.  Can we live with what we just need today (and maybe tomorrow) and not what we might need for days and days to come?  I’ve heard of people never having leftovers in the fridge – could we be those people?  Could we be the type of people who don’t keep 35 bottles of condiments?  Or those people who have two perfect rows of San Pelligrino, chilled and ready to serve?  Dare I dream so big?

And that is the beauty part of an empty fridge.  You are back to a point of simplicity and control. 

My next task is to wipe down the inside of the fridge until it looks like the day it arrived at our house.   And then we’ll see.  Having two offspring under the age of five makes simplicity and control seem downright dreamy.

Incidentally, our local Balducci’s store was running on generator juice until it ran out.  I heard through a neighbor that they were calling in people to help get rid of the inventory.  So many hopes and dreams….

Part of the damage in our backyard

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