Place: A New York Dining Room 07.22.2013

Ahhhh...the dining room!  We eat, we work, we many reasons to take a seat. Back in May I asked readers to send photos and stories of dining room tables and I am loving what's coming in to my mail box. Today's table hails from New York, and is gorgeous. I love how the decor surrounding the table tie into the table's modern characteristics and color. My favorite piece of dining room decor is the giant Dubonnet poster. A large, strong poster, painting, etc. is sometimes all you need to make a room work.  

Do you have an interesting story behind your dining room table, or just love your dining room so much? Send me a photo and no more than one page of the story behind the table, or memories of what's happened around that table. I'll keep the series going as long the tables keep coming in.



This is my dining room.  I consider this room and the living room to be mine.  "Mine" in the sense that I want them to look the way I want, almost all the time, and when I have a spare moment I want to use them MY way.  All of the rooms in our house sort of flow into one another without doors, so these rooms are not locked away, but there's a sort of invisible force field that says, "don't dump here".  (I also have a very understanding husband and 6 year old).

This dining room is a work in progress, but in my head it's all done.  I can see it clear as day.  We used a folding plastic table with a cotton tablecloth for almost three years while I looked for the right dining table.  It's a Robsjohn Gibbings table and it can be cozy for 2, or extend to seat 12 (or more if you squish).  It has some dings and scratches, but that's a good thing (see previously mentioned 6 year old). One wall is lined with floor to ceiling bookcases filled with cookbooks.  One window faces out and overlooks the driveway and our vegetable garden.

We have already had many holiday meals, nice, long dinners with friends, cookie decorating marathons, and impromptu snow day sledding luncheons for 15.  I like to sit here with a pile of cookbooks and pick recipes while looking out the window.

We do have a small glass top table in our kitchen that hosts most everyday meals, homework, piles of mail, etc., but this one is for me.

We still need the right chairs, but I'm not worried - I'll find them eventually.  And someday everyone else will see the dining room that makes me smile every time I walk through.

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