Tuesday Sloppy Joes 07.23.2013

Ladies and gentlemen, I am supremely exhausted today.  After I brought my son home from karate (which he thinks is three instructors existing to entertain him and not an opportunity for him to learn a skill), my husband laid out a dinner of sloppy Joes, sweet potato tater tots, and raw vegetables.  It was fantastic, especially the sloppy Joes.  

He looked up a sloppy Joe recipe on Epicurious, but only had some of the ingredients on hand. This does not deter him.  I on the other hand would have either run out to the grocery to get the missing ingredients, or immediately changed the menu:  in the kitchen, I am a scaredy cat.

Eric whipped up the sloppy Joes with ground beef we did not use the other night for hamburgers, mixed in with a bunch of diced carrots, celery, onions, and garlic.  

We had tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce, and he made his own tomato sauce.  The Worcestershire sauce, I think, is key.  We did not have halapeno and it was unnecessary.  Delicious.  And so incredibly appreciated by an exhausted woman.  

Happy eating all!

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