Beer Report: Dogfish Head Sixty-One 08.27.2013

I am not what one would describe as a beer person, but over the years, I've come to appreciate and love beer.  Sure, wine has nuances, but so does beer.  I'm not entrenched enough to talk about beer by using words like "nose" and such, but I know what tastes good, and what tastes mediocre.  

Last week my family and I vacationed in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and I attended the first Taste of Rehoboth, which featured four Dogfish beers, including the Sixty One, which is pictured here.  It's damn delicious:  hoppy, but not too hoppy.  

I love IPAs and can take them at their strongest.  The Sixty One is on the lighter side:  it's the brand's 60-minute IPA with California syrah grape.  You can taste the grape on the first sip. And I'll tell you this: you're either going to love or hate this beer.  I love it.  

Before we left for Rehoboth, our neighbor Bill loaned us his Dogfish beer growler, which we had filled with the Sixty-One at the Dogfish restaurant at our last lunch in Rehoboth.  Growlers are a gallon (can be less) and most commonly used by craft brewers.  If you're serious about your beer, get a growler for your next visit to your favorite craft brewery.  They're tight and keep for a bit.  I am thoroughly enjoying our stash of Sixty-One.

If you're not familiar with Rehoboth Beach, let me tell you that in addition to a lot of beach, there is a lot of food.  And a lot of drink.  And it was actually quite surprising that this was the first year that they had a "taste" of Rehoboth:  the restaurant scene is respectable.  Go.  Beach it up, eat it up.

In addition to Sixty-One, Dogfish featured Indian Brown, Etrusca, and Midas Touch.  I enjoyed tasting all of them, but Sixty-One was definitely my favorite.  

Soooo...what's your favorite Dogfish?

Happy sipping all!

At Taste of Rehoboth 2013


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