Have You Tried The Aviation? 08.19.2013

Not too long ago, a restaurant opened in our neighborhood that (fortunately) had an extremely talented bartender.  He made his own bitters and such and the drinks he served up were crazy.  He once enticed us to try a gin cocktail called The Aviation, and now I'm going to entice you.

In addition to being so tasty, the Aviation is a gorgeous drink:  after the gin, lemon juice, and Luxardo are poured into a martini glass, the last step is to gently pour in creme de violette, which sinks to the bottom and gives the rest of the drink a blue-purple, cloudy hue.  It was created in the early 1900s and is meant to look like the sky as the Wright brothers ascended into the sky (or so the bartender told us).  

Eric has been making Aviations and the measurements below are for one glass, which I promise you is delightful.  Because creme de violette was so difficult to find, there are recipes out there that eliminate it.  I strongly urge you to find it: in addition to being gorgeous, it's just so damn good.  

And this drink is good all year:  cool and fresh on a hot day, and it'll warm you up in a snow storm.

And now, a warning:  this drink is very, very strong.  Have one, relax, enjoy the buzz and go about your evening.  If you have two, do not drive, do not change your will, do not call your ex, do not get on Facebook.  You've been warned.

The photo above is my friend Katya enjoying an aviation Sunday evening.  


The Aviation

3 oz gin (Eric's favorite gin is Plymouth)
1/2 oz Luxardo (maraschino liquer)
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
Generous dash of creme de violette 

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