Five Carrots, One Apple: Delicious (#Marchphotoaday) 03.21.2012

You know what's delicious? Carrot juice!  With an apple thrown in for extra happiness.  I chose carrot and apple juice as my choice for "delicious" for the photo-a-day challenge.

I received for my birthday last year the Breville Juice Extractor, and have been so happy with it.  I love drinking carrot juice -- especially first thing in the morning.  

The Breville is a monster and takes up a lot of counter space.  But, on the plus side, it's not a pain to clean and makes beautiful, delicious juice.  

The other more important thing I love about having a juicer is that it's a good way to deal with fruits and vegetables that are on their way out.  Perhaps you bought too much Swiss chard and it's been in the fridge maybe a day longer than you'd like?  Instead of throwing it out, clean it and throw it in the juicer.  My favorite juiced-beverage is carrot, and I'll usually throw in some fruit or vegetable to give it some complexity.  But juice 10 carrots, and I'm a happy lady.  

Today I took five carrots and added an apple.  (Always wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before they go through the juicer.) 

I cut off the tops of the carrots and chopped them up into thirds, and cut up the apple, discarding the seeds and stem.

Run through the juicer....

...and you have carrot and apple juice!

It's incredibly easy, not to mention healthy.  Happy drinking, all!

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