March Photo Challenge Day 22: Kitchen Sink #Marchphotoaday 03.22.2010

The photo challenge for Wednesday, March 22 was "kitchen sink".  I love how everything on the list so far has involved the kitchen.  It's also been motivating for me.  More on that in a bit.

Our kitchen is not huge and if there are dishes piled up in the sink, it feels even smaller.  And yet, there are many evenings when after eating, bathing the kids, getting them to bed, etc. etc., the last thing either one of us wants to do is deal with the dishes, let alone the entire kitchen.  

But when you don't let the dishes languish in the sink, there is a sense of a "clean slate" when you wake up in the morning and the sink is shiny-clean.  And when I'm cooking, I like to keep the sink free of dishes and utensils:  anything that gets used goes in the dishwasher.  

So, the resulting motivation from the photography challenge:  the first day I participated was the before-and-after of the utensil drawer.  It made me think:  maybe I should take each piece of the kitchen and do a before-and-after.  Trust me, everything needs a before-and-after.  I'll keep you posted.

And the March 23 prompt for the photography challenge is "moon".  I know exactly what I'm going to photograph.  All of my non-food/kitchen related photos will be posted on my Twitter feed (@FourCourses).

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