Getting My Jalapeño Fix at Sushi Ko 03.23.2012

It's Friday and I cannot imagine posting anything more beautiful than a picture of the crunchy spicy tuna roll I ate last night at Sushi Ko in Chevy Chase.  I met my friend Lee for dinner and we ate at the bar.  That drink next to the rolls is a ginger champagne -- I recommend you have one.  

I always get the crunchy spicy tuna roll.  Always.  It is perhaps one of my top five comfort foods. I followed that up with jalapeño-avacado-tuna roll -- simply fantastic!  

If you've dined at the Sushi Ko near Georgetown, you know the two places have their own vibe. I went to the Georgetown location years ago and remember it having a zen-like quality.  Spare and peaceful.  While there are elements of that in Chevy Chase, it feels vibrant.  Also, the Chevy Chase location draws families -- you'll see kids.

Oh, and did I mention happy our pricing?  Yes, there is a happy hour menu, both drinks and food.  Sushi Ko is a worthy post-work stop. 

Sushi Ko Chevy Chase
5455 Wisconsin Avenue  
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
(301) 961-1644

Sushi Ko Glover Park
2309 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest  
Washington, DC 20007

(202) 333-4187

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